A story all about a mummy and her baby
Mummy & Baby

aka Natasha & Reiva

Hi, I'm Natasha. Part time dentist, part time student, part time blogger and full time mummy. I hope to provide insight in to my life as a parent, all my challenges and all my joys because thats what I believe parenthood is. It's doubt. It's fear. It's risk. It's reward. I hope you find it useful if not entertaining :)

Reiva, the real star of the blog. My baby girl. My world. My everything. She loves loves loves people and laughter. If hubby and I are sharing a joke or laughing at something, Reiva will stop what she is doing and laugh along. She loves to be in on a joke and her contagious giggle is the cheekiest of all. A social butterfly, Reiva loves new faces and getting to know new people. And my oh my does she love Justin Bieber (Blog to follow). 

At the time of writing, Reiva is 8.5 months old and in the swing of weaning. She loves cheese and is a bread addict. Not a fan of weetabix as we are slowly finding out, and loves to paint her food on her high chair. 

Her journey has been a special one, and it has been my priviledge to see this young life evolve so quickly over my journey with her. 

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